Yuni Verse
ユニ ・バース Yuni Bāsu
Yuni img1
BirthplaceNew York City (USA)
BirthdateJune 3
Age14 (DDR 4thMIX-Ultramix 4)
16 (DDR SuperNOVA2-present)
Height5'6" (168cm)
Weight105lbs (48kg)
Blood TypeO
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
HobbyShopping, Eating
LikesJunk food, supplements
Sneaking out
DislikesLife inside her mansion
First AppearanceDDR 4thMIX
SeiyuuYuko Minaguchi
English DubDanielle Judovits

Yuni Verse is a rich girl raised with proper manners who is introduced in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX and return for subsequent games. She is Emi's friend who always hangs with her to go dance in the party. In DDR X2, She always hangs out with Emi and Alice during Rinon's interview.

Backstory Edit

Yuni is a rich girl raised with proper manners, but what she really loves is junk food, and she hates living in her big mansion. Every now and then she gives her bodyguard a skip and sneaks out of the mansion to get a bite to eat or go hang out with Emi. Since she no longer has to wear a uniform after school, she is seen wearing punk-style outfits and are mostly from her famous designers. Her current outfit was custom made for her, and uses a character that she saw while over at Emi's house.

Being unable to live with the boredom at home, she fell in love with the Japanese schoolgirl outfit look she saw on television. She immediately wanted to wear one and made her own, but it ended up being different from the normal style as she states.

"The outfit makes a lot of noise when I dance, I'm still not quite satisfied with the look..."

Special NotesEdit

After seeing success in the movie industry, she rapidly became an extremely rich young woman. She hates to sit around at home, and is often sneaking out of the house. Since Emi's electronics store and a video rental chain are in the same shopping district, Yuni and Emi have crossed paths, and become acquaintances. Lately they have been exchanging a lot of banter.

Wreck-It RalphEdit


Yuni Berth's cameo in "Wreck-It Ralph."

Yuni makes a cameo appearance saying to Ryu and Ken Masters from "Street Fighter II" that the coast is clear. In this film, she is voiced by Jamie Sparer Roberts.

Designer's CommentsEdit

"A MAID outfit?! You’ve got to be kidding! But the more we worked on her, the more confident Yuni looked in those clothes. Yep, it works. In fact, maybe a little too well!"

"Yuni finally got her wish of a fast food meal but she still likes to sneak out once in a while. So next time you see a girl with blond hair and pigtails eating fast food, it might just be Yuni! If you do see her, make sure you tell her bodyguard!"

Character and Personality Edit

Though Yuni has no dislike for any of the dancers, she is mostly seen with Alice and Emi. Hating to stay trapped in her mansion, she tries to have fun by sneaking away from her bodyguard to hang out with her friends. She loves fashion, and her outfit is designed by famous designer. Other times, she gains inspiration for her outfits from what she sees; for example, her X2 outfit was inspired by a Japanese schoolgirl outfit she saw.

Appearance Edit

Yuni appears to have a very long blonde hair which is tied in two ponytails in a style of ringlets and blue eyes. In DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 and onwards, her hair is slightly cut into back-length long hair but maintains her two ponytails.