Real name: Ronpei Babahara

Height: 59cm
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Date of birth: July 21

Place of birth: Japan

Age: 0 (DDR 5thMIX-EXTREME2/STRIKE!) 1 (SuperNOVA-present)

Hobby: Sleeping

Likes: Alice, Baby Food, her mother.

Dislikes: Dirty diapers

Favorite Music: Children's songs

Debut: 5thMIX

Variants: 2 (DDR SuperNOVA)

Notes: Baby-Lon is Maho's son who is quarter Italian and 3/4 Japanese. He is known as the Super Baby Dancer.

The always-super baby. He has grown a bit. The magical earmuffs that his adventurous father has given him makes his dancing look a bit more mature.

Baby-Lon is the youngest dancer from the DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION series. He can be young, but he can dump grownups with his dance moves.

Cha babylon img

Baby-Lon use magic earmuffs that make him dance like a maniac. Not only that, in DDRX he is going to outer space, and almost finishing his story he gets to have a match&nbsp with Afro, and Baby-lon wins. Because Afro wanted to go to outer space by himself, but Baby-lon's moves killed his ambission. If you ever get to buy a DDR game, don't forget to pick Baby-lon too.

Character and Personality Edit

Baby-Lon is described as a sleepy yet adventurous and happy baby. This can be seen in his story when he travel's through Disco's town all by himself (despite him being a baby) as he tries to remember where he is trying to go. As well, in his story, Baby-Lon travels to outer space proving his adventurous side.

Appearance Edit

Baby-Lon has orange hair as opposed to his mother Maho who had green hair and black eyes.