Rage appears as a Japanese man with brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee. In before DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA, his hair is shoulder length which is spiked upwards. Some of his primary outfits are in "camoflage" motif which can be seen in his pants, capris and jackets.

Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX-Dance Dance Revolution FESTIVAL Edit

In Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX, he wears a red thermal vest under a black short sleeve v-neck shirt, deeper shades of green camoflage pants with yellow linings in each sides of his pants and gray and black sneakers.

In the opening of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX, Konamix and 4thMIX plus, he wears wristbands on both of his wrists as an addition. This outfit is later playable in both DDRMAX2 up to DDR FESTIVAL.

Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX-Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 Edit

In Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX up to DDR FESTIVAL, he now wears an orange short sleeve shirt with black linings at the edge on both sleeves and collar of his shirt under a white long sleeve shirt, his pants in 3rdMIX has minor changes as the color of his camoflage pants changed to blue gray and the yellow linings changed to cyan and maintains his gray and black sneakers. This outfit later becomes playable in Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection up to DDR FESTIVAL.

In Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2, his outfit has minor changes due to the change of different animation graphics the black linings from his orange shirt changed to dark blue as his blue gray camoflage pants is changed to brown and green and his gray and black sneakers is replaced with white sneakers

Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX-Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE! Edit

In Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX up to Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE!, he wears a dark red hoodie jacket with yellow green linings in the chest and sleeves of his jacket and pale yellow lines on the upper sleeves. Underneath is a black short sleeve shirt, blue gray camoflage capris with black kneepads on both of his knees and yellow, black and blue boots.

The yellow and black boots resembles Trunks' golden yellow and black boots in the Dragon Ball franchise.


He maintains this outfit in DDRMAX and DDRMAX2 during the background videos and is a playable character in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME and Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE!. In Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection, this outfit that he wears is also playable and can be chosen either his 3rdMIX or 4thMIX outfits as well as in DDR FESTIVAL.

In Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE!, His alternate appearance is his 5thMIX outfit. The color of his hoodie jacket is black instead of dark red and the linings are now yellow and the capris he wears changed to light tan, the camoflage design changed to pale yellow as his kneepads changed to brown and the boots changed to green as the blue design on his boots changed to yellow but maintains the black design on his boots from his original outfit.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 Edit

Rage is now seen wearing a white and black sleeveless jersey shirt with a DDR logo in the center of his shirt along with his imprinted full name, baggy camoflage capris and black and white converesques sneakers. Some of his outfit has different designs to his primary outfit when he was chosen.

Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE Edit

Rage has different outfits whenever you chose him in the game. He now has a dark yellow highlights at the edge of his shoulder length spiky hair when it was shown at the back.

His primary outfit is a mixture between both his 4thMIX and 5thMIX outfits as he wears a dark red short sleeved collar shirt with two black lines at the center of his shirt with a white long sleeve shirt with black linings underneath, camoflage pants and white sneakers. He also wears a white openly cap when he wears this outfit.

His second outfit is a golden yellow and white short sleeve shirt with yellow and black curve line designs on white part of his shirt, white pants with a matching yellow and black linings in each side of his pants and white sneakers. He has a matching yellow and white wristbands in both of his wrists.

His third outfit is a gray formal jacket with a "gakuen" design on his left chest pocket on his jacket. Underneath is a white long sleeve button shirt with a green neck tie on the collar, charcoal gray pants and black shoes. This outfit that he wears is his formal school uniform.

His fourth and last outfit is a sleeveless white tank top with red and black shoulder bands in both of his shoulders, dark blue denim pants and leather brown shoes. He also wears a matching black headband on his forehead and a brown wraps on his left wrist. 

Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE 2 Edit

Rage gains a fifth outfit throughout the game as four of his outfits in DDR UNIVERSE has minor changes.

His primary outfit in Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE has minor changes and becomes his alternate appearance. His collar shirt becomes golden yellow and his white long sleeve undershirt changed with black with yellow linings, the brown and green camoflage pants changed to white and gray and his white sneakers changed to a matching orange and black sneakers. His openly cap that he wears is now red instead of white.

His second outfit in Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE has minor changes as the color of the short sleeves of his shirt and the lining designs of his shirt and pants are now blue instead of golden yellow.

His third outfit has minor changes in Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE, the color of his formal jacket is now reddish brown, his pants is now green and his black shoes is now brown and his neck tie is now black

The color scheme of his former school uniform resembles the male school uniform from Mugen Academy from the anime Sailor Moon.

His fourth outfit in Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE has minor changes, his black headband now changes to white, his dark blue jeans is now black as the color of his belt changes to white and his leather shoes is now black, the red linings on his shoulder bands is also black and the brown wraps changed to black but maintains his tank top from his original outfit.

His fifth and last outfit is a dark yellow camoflage hoodie jacket under a black shirt with a white loose undershirt, brown pants and white sneakers.

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA-DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 Edit

Rage has drastic changes since his previous appearance as he cuts his shoulder length spiky hair to short but maintains the spikes. He is now seen wearing a red and blue cap.

In both SuperNOVA and SuperNOVA2, he wears a golden yellow jersey jacket under a white short sleeve loose shirt, blue gray hipster denim pants and light brown leather shoes.

As RAGE 2, he wears a blue sleeveless hoodie jacket with a black spider web design at the back of his jacket and thick gray lines at the edge of his jacket, underneath is a olive green muscle shirt, pale blue hipster baggy jean shorts and white sneakers. He also wears two different wristbands on both on his wrists as he wears a gray wristband on the right and light gray and white wristband to the left. He also wears a black headband on his head to show the short spikes on his hair.

DanceDanceRevolution X Edit

In DDR X, He wears the mixture between both his primary outfit in SuperNOVA and his alternate outfit in SuperNOVA2 as he wears a blue leather vest with thick white line at the back of his vest. underneath is a gray diamond design white sleeveless hoodie jacket, mahogany brown pants with a black belt on his waist with two black star designs in each sides of his leg and white sneakers with yellow linings. He also wears a black and orange sports watch that resembles a wristband on his left wrist. He was now seen wearing a hood from his white hoodie jacket. This outfit carries over to Emi in her appearance in DDR X2 through DDR2014. In the console version of DDR X2, His alternate appearance is the same in his X outfit but can change colors when he was chosen.

In Street Master Mode, he is commonly seen in this outfit with a white waist apron and headband as an addition during Yuni and his epilogue from their SMM as a takoyaki chef and he is not seen wearing the hood. In the console version of DDR X2, he retains his X outfit as a playable character.

DanceDanceRevolution X2-DanceDanceRevolution (2014 edition) Edit

In DDR X2 through DDR2014, Rage's hair is cut shorter and does not have his spike hair from his previous appearance and his goatee is slightly shaved. He now wears a black fedora hat.

He wears a yellow formal coat with two thick dark yellow cross lines at the back of his coat which is connected to the front coat and black folden sleeves with red linings in the center of his folden sleeves. Underneath is a dark gray v-neck shirt with sky blue designs on his shirt, reddish brown slim pants with an orange and brown tint and black steel toed shoes. He also wears a black and brown scarf on his neck and wears a black bracelet to his left wrist.

This oufit that he currently wears where he works as a back up dancer.

In the Wii version of DDR II, the sash of his scarf is been cut off and the remaining scarf becomes a shoal.