Background art for PARANOiA

PARANOiA is a song created by 180 (Naoki Maeda). It was introduced in 1stMIX and is famous for being the first of thirteen (fourteen counting a mix that appeared in Beatmania but not DDR) songs to bear the PARANOiA name. This song was considered hard due to it's eighth note crossovers at 180 BPM, the fastest in 1stMIX. However, PARANOiA is only moderately difficult by today's standards.


Single BeginnerEdit

Stream: 28.8

Voltage: 30

Air: 6.5

Freeze: 0

Chaos: 0

Single BasicEdit

Stream: 56

Voltage: 45

Air: 18.18


  • Despite PARANOiA appearing to be 180 BPM for the whole song, it actually changes BPM 49 times'', including a part where it changes every beat for 6 beats, and three BPM changes before any arrows appear on any difficulty. Thus, PARANOiA's actual BPM is 169-183.