MAX 300(1)-bg

Background Art for MAX 300

MAX 300 is a song created by Ω (another pseudonym for Naoki Maeda). MAX 300 makes its debut in DDRMAX 6thMIX as the first ever Extra Stage. To get to it, you have to AA or AAA your final song on Heavy. You then have to play MAX 300 Heavy on 1.5x speed and reverse with no way to back out. There is also a "pressure gauge"; during the Extra Stage, the life bar will only go down, not up. MAX 300 is infamous for being the first mainstream song to run at over 200 BPM as well as being the first song to be rated a "10" on the old 1-10 scale. MAX 300 has a reputation for being the first official boss song and for being quite tough, although many songs now outclass it.

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