Th Boldo


Full Name: John "Jack" Bordeaux.
Age: 26.
Team: Soul Express.
Home: Chicago.
Gender: Male.
Hobbies: Fishing.
Place of birth: USA
Specialties: Can work without sleep for 4 days straight.
Likes: Cigars.
Dislikes: Excessive optimism.
Favorite Music: Disco, Pop, Blues
Favorite Singers: Sting, Jennifer Lopez (aka J-Lo), Bon Jovi
Debut: 3rd Mix (Arcade).
Variants: 2.

Special Notes: May have been a designer in the past. Now manages an advertising company. On weekdays, he works hard; on the weekends, he parties from dawn to dusk. He likes to wear a lamé under his suit. A lame is the name of the electronically conductive jacket worn by foil and sabre fencers.