Jennifer "Jenny" Hurley
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BirthplaceSan Francisco, California (USA)
BirthdateFebruary 11
18 (DDR SuperNOVA-present)
Height5'6" (168cm)
Weight115lbs (52kg)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorPale Blonde (DDR 4thMIX-EXTREME 2/STRIKE!)

Blonde (DDR SuperNOVA-present)

RelativesJohnny (younger twin brother)
LikesRiding Motorcycles
DislikesCalifornia Rolls
First AppearanceDDR 4thMIX
SeiyuuMiki Ito
English DubMeredith McCoy
Jennifer "Jenny" Hurley is a character of Dance Dance Revolution series introduced in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX alongside her twin brother Johnny and return for the subsequent games except both Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix and UNIVERSE series.

Designer's Comments Edit

A very popular model.There are talks about her modeling for a famous apparel brand.

Really wanting to break into movies, she recently passed her first movie audition. Her first screen debut featuring her and her brother, Johnny, is to be shown next year (2010)! The movie is directed by a famous director, whose speciality is action films imbued with a high sence of fun. We can't wait to see her on Silver Screen!

Character and Personality Edit

Jenny is described as a sporty and confident young model and actress. She is also described as being tomboyish unlike most of the other girls. Her sporty and confident side can be seen in almost everyone's stories when she goes around on her motorcycle, especially with Bonnie. She is shown as confident by outwardly speaking what she thinks most of the time especially when she first meets Uryu Ishida.

Appearance Edit

Jenny is a girl with shoulder-length layered blonde hair and blue eyes. In DDR X2 and onwards, her hair is cut short.