M.C. Izam WarnerEdit

Full Name: M.C. "Izam" Warner
Age: 30 (DDR 4thMIX-Party Collection)
Team: Special
Birthday: January 8
Home: Oslo, Norway
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" (182cm)
Weight: 148lbs (67kg)
Hobbies: Collecting hats from all over the world
Specialties: Conversational English
Likes: Durian
Dislikes: Rage, Yuni
Favorite Music: Pop, Blues, Hip Hop, Reggae
Favorite Singers: Robbie Williams, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Kanye West
Cause of Death: He was Punished by Afro
Debut: 4thMIX
Variants: 1
Seiyuu: Shigeru Chiba
English Dub: Grant George

Notes: Ni-Na's fiancé. He is replaced by JC in DDR Extreme 2(DDR Str!ke).