The Groove Radar is a rating system used to identify a song's difficulty. It was introduced in Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (DDRMAX) This system replaced the 'foot rating' system used in previous installments. DDR 6th Mix was only the game to use solely the Groove Radar, and all future versions would later include the Groove Radar and the foot rating system.


The Groove Radar breaks down a songs difficulty into 5 seperate categories.

  • Stream: Overall density of the steps in the song.
  • Voltage: The measure of the peak dentisty of the steps (the highest density of arrows that appear on screen at once).
  • Air: The amount of jump steps within the song.
  • Freeze: The number of freeze (hold) steps in the song.
  • Chaos: Steps that are not a 4th note. (etc. 8th notes, 16th notes, and so on.)


The only songs to have no known foot ratings are Follow Me and Flash in the Night. Both songs have yet to appear in beyond DDR 6th Mix.