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The Extra Stage is an additional stage granted to skilled players who meet certain conditions. Originally introduced in in Dance Dance Revolution 1st Mix and reintroduced in Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix, if a AA or higher is scored on the final stage on Heavy mode, a message inviting the player to "Try Extra Stage" appears before the cleared graphic.


Extra Stages reward very skilled players with an extremely challenging bonus round after the third song is cleared. Each DDR version featuring the Extra Stage has different requirements, features, and song selection. The player receives an opportunity to play a free extra song, which is often outfitted with forced modifiers (such as increase speed, ghost notes, or reverse scrolling). Extra Stage songs are often very difficult songs, and the additional modifers offer a very difficult challenge.

Instead of the typical 'life bar' for the player, the player's dance gauge is replaced with a battery bar similar to Challenge Mode. The Battery contains 1-4 lives depending on the score on the last stage played. Missing one note substracts one note from the bar.

To unlock Extra Stage, clear your last song on Heavy/Challenge with a grade of AA or better.


DDRMAX - Extra Stage & Encore Extra Stage

DDRMAX - Extra Stage & Encore Extra Stage