Mmhmm. They just had to do it. DanceDanceRevolution 2010 is quite possibly the worst thing to come out of DDR, probably just as bad as the GROOVE RADAR SPECIAL of DEAD END from SuperNova 2. IT is avaliable for the PS3 and is compatible for PS3 Move (called MOVE&STEP, not that it's a good game mode anyway). There isn't a double mode, and the only multiplayer games are 4-Player Mode (Yup. Only compatible with 1 or 4 players.) MOVE&STEP (even though it supports 2 players, you need 2 PS3 Moves), and Battle Mode, which is quite boring and lasts at least 7 minutes. It has more licenses than Konami Originals, and the Konami Originals that are in there are... mediocre at least. (ex. "dreaming can make a wish come true" by jun & NRG Factory ft. Anna Kaelin). The only good things about this game are:

1. DLC includes PARANOiA, TRIP MACHINE, PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME, Fascination MAXX, and TRIP MACHINE ~luv mix~. However, there are at least 5 versions as of right now and Konami has stated that there will be more than 100 downloadable songs. So stay tuned!

2. MAX 300, the first "real" boss song from DDRMAX -6th Mix-, HANA RANMAN -Flowers- from DDR Supernova, and AFRONOVA from DDR 3rd Mix. And a new U1 song (Your mileage may vary).

The announcer is just as bad as the one from DDR X (and that announcer was flat out irritating), the backgrounds are boring most of the time, and the Challenge mode requires the PS3 Move. And even then, it's just the Heavy chart with some PS3 Move notes in there. At least they don't have any BPM gimmicks *cough*Pluto Relinquish by 2MB*cough* or ridiculously hard note charts *cough*DEAD END GROOVE RADAR SPECIAL*cough*.

In fact, you may want to buy this game simply to see how bad it is. If so, be my guest. Whether it's money well spent or wasted is your choice.