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Type:In The Groove R21 Edit Tournament

Date:December 8th, 2007.

Location:Showplace Bowling Alley.

Division(s):Fantastic Attack


1st place: 60%

2nd place: 30%

3rd place: 10%

For both divisions.

DDRFreak Thread

The Showplace R21 Edit Tournament was both hosted and planned by Terry [TEEX] over the course of 4 and a half months (since the middle of August). Each of the R21 stepfiles were made in a combined effort between he and Chris [Beast], whom also helped maintain stability throughout the tournament. A file had also been submitted and used by Ted [Tee!]. The tournament had lasted from 4pm-8:30pm(approx).

Although it was originally planned that the R21-themed tournament would incorporate a Freestyle division featuring custom songs the participants can bring, it had been canceled. This was due to the lack of participants and assigned judges at the designated time, 2:30pm. Instead, the main event: the Fantastic Attack division, had begun at approximately 4:05pm.

A total of 11 players had participated in the event altogether, with guests from both New York and New Jersey. The participants were as follows:

1. Louis [Slipperz]

2. Gilbert [Ms. Vogue]

3. Jai [Kyd0]

4. Spencer [Mr.D/Mr.Diva]

5. Jeff [Hispanic Guy]

6. Jeff (from New Jersey)

7. Nick [Hero]

8. Cory [Leif]

9. Maurice [suckah/Skidz]

10. Mike

11. John [BaKa]

--further details coming soon--

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