Christine "Lady" Azcona
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BirthplaceNew York City (USA)
BirthdateJune 14
39 (DDR X-present)
Eye ColorGreen (DDR-Ultramix 2)
Blue (DDR Ultramix 3-UNIVERSE 2)
Hair ColorBlonde (DDR-UNIVERSE 2)
Pink (DDR 2ndMIX-Party Collection)
LikesCollecting old dance videos
DislikesBeing Old
First AppearanceDDR
SeiyuuMakiko Ohmoto
English DubMonica Rial

Lady is a character of the Dance Dance Revolution series alongside her partner Disco and she returns for subsequent games until Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE 2. She also makes her playable appearance in the arcade version of DDR X in her 1stMIX outfit.

Special Notes Edit

Lady is a mysterious dancer who teaches Emi how to dance.

Character and Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Lady is a New York native with blonde hair and green eyes. In Dance Dance Revolution up to Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4, her hair is medium bob. In Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX up to Party Collection her hair is dyed into pink. In Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 until Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE series, her hair is cut shorter and her eyes changed to blue.


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