August "Gus" Mills
ガス gasu
Gus img1
BirthdateJanuary 28
Age21 (SuperNOVA-present)
Height6'2" (188cm) (including his hair)
Weight165lbs (75kg)
Eye ColorUnknown
Hair ColorBlack (dyed in Yellow, Orange and Green)
HobbyDay Trading, DJing
LikesBaumkuchen ("Log Cake"), Night DJ's
DislikesUnicycle (serious fall in childhood)
First AppearanceDDR SuperNOVA
SeiyuuMasashi Ebara
English DubSkip Stellrecht

August Mills, better known as Gus is a character in the DanceDanceRevolution series. He was introduced in DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA.

Majors in Economics at college. Made a fortune through stocks. While he DJs as a hobby, he leaves the booth for the dance floor when he gets into the groove. He is considering to build a larger home to hold his huge collection of analog records.

Originally just a hobby, he has become a famous club DJ. He has an enormous record collection, and despite recent renovations to his house, due to his continued vinyl obsession his house is packed again. He has recently been invited to play at the anniversary party of a famous club. He’s a hit DJ in his spare time. When the music heats up, though, sometimes he can’t help getting out on the dance floor himself.

Character and Personality Edit

Gus is described as cool and focused, which also match his appearance as well. He is also more of a live-life person as he is willing to do anything if it's the last he ever does.

From his debut and onwards, Gus is portrayed as a hit DJ in his spare time and a cool, collected person. As well, he is also a student in a university majoring in economics. It seems he is doing well especially since he's making a fortune from his stocks.

Appearance Edit

Like Spike in the previous games, Gus appears to be semi-bald in a style of mohawk and wears sunglasses.


Trivia Edit

  • Standing at 6'2" including his hair, Gus is currently the tallest human character in the DanceDanceRevolution series.
  • His appearance and concept is based on Snake from the anime Groove Adventure Rave or simply as Rave Master.
    • Interestingly, his appearance in both DDR X and DDR X2 with green mohawk and sunglasses bears a striking resemblance to Snake.