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Full Name: Alice Ip

Age: 15 (DDR 5th Mix) - 17 (DDRX)

Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Weight: 108 lbs (49kg)

Blood Type: O+

Debut: 5th Mix

Special Notes: Alice is the leader of two other dancers, Helen and Sarah, who can be seen in some games such as DDRMAX2. All three dancers miss their home, but Alice can be happy with the help of her friends. When by herself, she becomes incredibly lonely. Alice is Emi's cousin. Alice can also been seen in the background movies for Ever Snow, Sakura, Look to the Sky, Look to the Sky (True Color Mix), and WWW.BLONDEGIRL.COM (MOMO MIX), NORI NORI NORI, and more (sometimes with Helen & Sarah).


  • Writing letters
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Friends


  • Pop Singer/Dancer

Team: The Alice Team

Hometown: Hong Kong

Specialty: Speed Memorization

Date of birth: September 3

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Gender: Female

Likes: To be with friends, warm days, lessons

Dislikes: Snow

Favorite Music: K-Pop, J-Pop, Dubstep, Hip Hop

Debut: 5th Mix

Seiyuu: Rie Nakagawa

English Voice: Wendee Lee


During Street Master Mode, even if other players pick different characters to play their stories, Alice is portrayed as a shy but talented pop artist who can be located at the TV tower in DDR X. As well, as seen in Gus's story, Alice reveals that she's usually a tired or worn out person. This is most likely due to her working eight days a week due to her hectic schedule.

DDR OutfitsEdit

ALICE's Outfits


- DDR SuperNova 2

- 5th Mix

- DDR X2

- 2nd outfit

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